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Header: Sticky when scroll
Header: Shrink when scroll
Header: Style with menus on each side of logo
Header: Simple mobile layout option
Header: Mega Submenu
Home Page Module: Image menu
Home Page Module: Featured Products Carousel
Home Page Module: Sale Products Carousel
Home Page Module: Best Selling Products Carousel
Home Page Module: Custom carousel
Home Page Module: Full Portfolio Grid
Home Page Module: Widget area
Home Page: Added column options for carousels
Home Page: Added color options for icon menu
Woocommerce: Three customizable tabs for product pages
Woocommerce: Slider options for Shop and Category pages
Woocommerce: Radio buttons for Variations
Woocommerce: Image Flip for products in archive pages
Woocommerce: Product page large image layout option.
Woocommerce: Isotope Filter for archive pages
Woocommerce: Infinite scroll on archive pages
Woocommerce: Product Navigation
General: Added options for Page Builder integration
General: Premium Icons 500+
General: Smooth Scroll
General: Video Lightbox support.
General: Animated fadein
General: Menu Background and Hover color options
General: Narrow Layout option
General: Custom 404 Page
General: Google analytics option
General: Page title show or hide options
General: Custom Header and Footer script input
Gallery: Masonry layout
Gallery: Mosaic layout
Gallery: Slider Layout
Gallery: Scroll Layout
Gallery: Grid Layout
Gallery: Caption options
Portfolio Post: Two extra image layout options
Portfolio Post: Full width Image Carousel option
Portfolio Post: Shortcode slider options
Portfolio Post: Options to have two separate portfolios
Portfolio Post: Permalink options
Portfolio Grid: Masonry Layout Option
Portfolio Grid: Mosaic Layout Option
Portfolio Grid: Image ratio options
Portfolio Grid: Extra column options
Portfolio Grid: Isotope Filter
Portfolio Grid: Image slider summary
Portfolio Grid: Image with video lightbox summary
Portfolio: Tags
Portfolio: Custom Shortcodes to add anywhere
Blog Post: Full width image carousel Header
Blog Post: Custom header content settings.
Blog Post: Grid Gallery summary output
Blog: Infinite scroll for archives
Staff Posts: Custom Grid options
Staff Posts: Grid Filter
Staff Posts: Customize grid and single post outputs
Testimonial Posts: Grid output
Testimonial Posts: Custom Image options
Testimonial Posts: Frontend testimonial input form
Extra Widgets: Gallery
Extra Widgets: Google Maps
Extra Widgets: Split Content
Extra Widgets: Image Menu
Extra Widgets: Info Box
Extra Widgets: Flip Box
Extra Widgets: Carousel (integrated with posts, portfolio and products)
Extra Widgets: Testimonial Carousel
Extra Widgets: Call to Action
Shortcodes: Product, post and portfolio Carousels
Shortcodes: Custom Carousels
Shortcodes: Posts (Staff, Testimonial, Portfolio and Blog)
Shortcodes: Google Maps
Shortcodes: Icon styles
Shortcodes: Icon boxes
Shortcodes: Advanced Buttons
Shortcodes: Animated Typed Text
Shortcodes: Simple Boxes
Shortcodes: Modal
Premium Plugins: Kadence Slider Pro
Premium Plugins: Cyclone Slider Pro
Premium Plugins: Kadence Woo Extras
Kadence Woo Extras – Variation Swatches
Kadence Woo Extras – Advanced Product Gallery Slider
Kadence Woo Extras – Advanced Reviews
Kadence Woo Extras – Cart Notices
Kadence Woo Extras – Extra Category Description
Kadence Woo Extras – Size Charts
Kadence Woo Extras – Variation price control
Kadence Woo Extras – Custom add to cart text
Premium Plugins: Kadence Widget Dock
Premium Plugins: Kadence Related Content
Premium Plugins: Kadence Simple Share
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