Adding Slides

1.) Click Edit Slides.

Edit Slides Tab Kadence Slider


2.) Upload an image or set a color for the background of your slide.

Select Background Image Kadence Slider

3.) Set your background position and size. See here to learn about background image sizing.


4.) Choose whether or not to add layers (text, buttons, images) to your slide.

Add Layers To Kadence Slider


5.) When a layer is selected, you will see placement and design options below your main slide:

Layer Options Kadence Slider

6. ) Click Add Slide repeat above steps as necessary.

Add Slides Kadence Slider


7.) When you’re happy with your slider, scroll to the bottom to save your settings.

Save Kadence Slider


Video Slider

The Kadence Slider also has the capability to add a video background.

1). Firstly, enable the background video. It is recommended that you use YouTube to save your site’s resources.Select Video Background Kadence Slider

2.) Retrieve the YouTube video ID:

Youtube Video ID

3.) Paste the ID into the slide settings:

Youtube ID Kadence Slider

4.) If you prefer to upload your own video, simply select the HTML5 option and upload your video as you would any other file.


Kadence Slider Full Options