Displaying Your Kadence Slider Pro

Displaying on your home page:

To display a Kadence Slider pro on your homepage start by going into Theme Options > Home Slider. From there choose a home image slider and select Kadence Slider Pro. Then select the slider you want shown on your homepage.

Home Slider


Displaying Kadence slider pro using the shortcode:

The Kadence slider pro shortcode makes it possible to display your slider almost anywhere. You can paste it into your sidebar, footer, post page, etc. We’ve included several examples below.

Displaying through a widget:

A slider can be displayed as a widget by pasting the shortcode into the Text widget.

Displaying through a specific page:

When adding a slider to a specific page the first thing you’ll want to do is change the template to “Feature” and click “Save Draft.”

Page Attributes

This will open up meta boxes under Feature Page Options. From there, select Kadence Slider Pro and paste the shortcode in the Cyclone or Kadence Slider box.