Topbar Settings

Use Topbar?

Chose to show or hide the Topbar


Use Topbar Icon Menu?

Chose to show or hide the Topbar


Topbar Icon Menu

With this menu you can add as many ions to your topbar as you want. Click the down arrow to get started with the first icon. Choose a title for the icon (this will show up under the icon as a tooltip). Choose an icon (you can search there are a lot). And lastly give your icon a link.


Show Cart total in topbar?

This only works if using WooCommerce.


Display Search in Topbar?

Choose to show or hide search in topbar.


Enable widget area in right of Topbar?

This option allows you to make the right half of your top bar a widget area. If enabled you will have a new area on the widget page to put widgets. Note this will remove the search (you can reenable it by adding it to the widget area)