Misc Settings

Hide Image Border

Choose to show or hide the image border.


Custom Favicon

This will display on your website tab.


Contact Form Email

This will be the contact email on the contact form.


Footer Copyright Text

This is your own copyright text located in the footer.


Search Results – Choose Sidebar

Select the sidebar you wish to use.


Create Custom Sidebars

Create your own custom sidebar.


Limit Max Page to 940px

Select this if you want your max website size to be smaller.


Enable Smooth Scrolling

Select this if you would like the styled scroll bar.


Enable Auto Hide

Selecting this will hide the scroll bar when not scrolling.


Hide Scroll Background

This will show or hide the scroll bar background


Enable Virtue Galleries to Override WordPress

This will enable or disable virtue galleries to be overridden by wordpress.


Use Masonry Feature on Virtue Galleries

This allows photo gallery to have different image ratios.


Enable Animation In

This will remove or add all the appear animation.




Advanced Settings

Google Analytics Tracking ID for SEO General Options

This will allow you to hook up google analytics to your site.

Turn On Virtue SEO?

Virtue Theme offers basic SEO options. For full SEO use a plugin.

Custom CSS

This will add custom styling to your theme.